Expect extraordinary results

About you

You are doing something new that breaks new ground.

You have a program or business that is off-track.

You need to bring together lots of stakeholders.

You want to transform the way you deliver.

About us

We work through our clients’ teams to deliver programs, partnerships and transformations.

We are often told that the outcomes our clients achieve exceed all expectations.

In summary, we have a reputation for helping get extraordinary results.

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What we do

We help our clients get extraordinary results

Describing what we do in terms of outcomes is simple:

We help our clients get extraordinary results.

Describing what make us different is not so simple. As one client recently said:

You have to experience it to understand it.

So, we thought we would use our clients comments to describe their experience of our work.

Program Management

It’s great to go to the board each month and report that everything is on track.

GM, Sydney Airport

It was the smoothest program I have experienced. Everything ran to plan and we beat every business target.

Head of Business, Telecoms

Hamel provides top-drawer, strategic program management.

Vice President, Retail

It was the most complex, yet best run program I’ve ever been involved with.

CEO, Telecoms

Problem solving and recovery

It was chalk and cheese. We went from missing every milestone to hitting every milestone.

CTO, Telecoms

It was a real crisis caused by a failed IT program. Hamel provided a way forward that was a pivot point for our organisation.

CEO, Sydney

Hamel recovers programs by finding solutions that work for all stakeholders.

Managing Director

In three days Hamel helped us resolve a problem that had stumped the experts for three months. 

General Manager, Telecoms

Stakeholder Engagement

We have never worked together so closely to achieve something we all thought impossible.

General Manager

Hamel excels where there are lots of challenging stakeholders.

Executive General Manager, Telecoms

Hamel is like Switzerland. They act as the glue that keeps us all working together.

Group Account Director

Hamel helped us deliver a challenging multi-stakeholder project in half the usual time.

Executive Director, Sydney Airport

Strategy and Transformation

It’s fantastic to do big transformations and not get nasty surprises or disappointments!

CEO, Telecoms

Hamel diagnosed the problem, set up the direction, then left us with the capability to deliver ourselves.

Group Executive, Retail

We delivered something that beat all of our expectations. It changed the way we work.

Director, Marketing

We delivered in six weeks what we normally deliver in six months. The big difference, this time everything worked.

Director, Sales

NEW Training and Development

For a description of our new training and development program, see our post on training.

We’ll post comments when we get them.

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