What our customers say


It was the most complex, yet best run program I’ve ever been involved with. If you want the same experience – then use Hamel to achieve it!

Australian CEO, Global Corporation

$1Bn outsourcing & Transformation

It was chalk and cheese. We went from missing every milestone to hitting every milestone. Our relationship was transformed.

CTO Australian Company

Recovery of an $850m technology roll-out

Hamel helped us deliver a multi-stakeholder project in half the usual time. We could not have done it without them.

Executive Director, ASX 30 Company

Delivery of a two-year program in under one year

It was the best program I have seen. The execution raised our reputation for delivery across the whole of government.

Deputy Secretary, NSW Government Department

Transformation and IT program across multiple government agencies

Hamel helped us achieve an incredibly ambitious goal in what was a very challenging timeframe.

VP Telecoms Company

Recovery of a major program to achieve all dates and outcomes

We delivered in six weeks what we normally deliver in six months. The only difference, this time everything worked.

GM Telecoms Company

Rapid introduction of new service in response to competitor

I’ve never worked on a program where everyone was so positively motivated and so focused on the outcome.

GM Telecoms Company

Technology and IT transformation program

Hamel helped us achieve results in a way that left us able to do it for ourselves long after they left.

Head of transformation. Tertiary Education.

Executive alignment and decision making.

Once I had engaged Hamel I could sleep at night. I knew we would achieve all goals. And we did.

GM Telecoms Company.

Contact centre transformation and outsourcing.

Everyone else says they do these things. The difference with Hamel is they really do it.

CTO Telecoms Operator

After multiple programs

It was the smoothest program I have experienced. Everything ran to plan and we beat every business target

Head of Business

After completion of a two-year change program set-up by Hamel.

Hamel can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse on these big transformation programs.

CTO Telecoms Operator

After multiple programs