A few case studies showing the range of work we’ve done


IT Infrastructure and eCommerce Recovery


  • IT System Integration
  • Project Recovery
  • Transformation

Summary: Recovery of a multi-year $100m+ IT program.

The engagement: Hamel was engaged by this Australian music industry organisation to recover a late-running IT program and deliver critical functionality by a non-negotiable date. At the time of engagement, the program was running a number of years late, having missed all previously committed milestones.

The work: After quickly understanding the unique requirements of the organisation and industry, Hamel worked with both the customer and its supplier to define and implement a culture change and an alternative delivery approach. A plan was developed to meet the market commitments without adverse impact to other business operations.

The result: All functionality was delivered by the committed dates—a first for this program—allowing the customer to meet all obligations and market commitments.

Comment: “Hamel provided a catalyst and pathway for change at a critical stage in our evolution.” CEO

Multi-year road program. On-time, on-budget.

Summary: A six-year road transformation program managed from initial concept through to successful delivery on budget and ahead of time.

The engagement: Sydney Airport wanted to develop and implement a road transport plan that would increase the capacity and improve the experience of road users in and around the airport. Defining and implementing a solution would require the engagement of many hundreds of stakeholders along with the challenges of sequencing road changes around the nation’s busiest airport.

The work: Using its proven approach of bringing people together and find a solution, Hamel established the framework for technical experts and stakeholders to define and agree on the optimal solution at the time. This included engagement with the NSW state government to define and agree on the changes to the wider road network. Once agreed, Hamel managed the program through approvals, construction and all operational changes.

The result: All work was completed ahead of schedule and on budget over a complex six-year program.

Comment:Once again Hamel have helped me and, in this case, our airport, achieve every objective and outcome we wanted. A remarkable achievement over a multi-year program with so many different stakeholders and, at times, so many different views on the best way forward. They have delivered again.” Craig Norton, GM Ground Transport.



  • Stakeholder management
  • Program Management
  • Infrastructure

State and local government delivery and transformation


  • Stakeholder management
  • Complex program
  • Transformation

Summary: How Hamel Group helped this state government department deliver a significant transformation program between state and local government and boosted the reputations of all parties in the process.

The engagement: This state government department was tasked with a transformation that covered multiple agencies and all local government councils. The program required changes to policies, work procedures and processes across all 153 councils affecting over 3m people. The program required changes to IT systems across three government agencies and all councils. At the time of this program, relations between the state government and councils were at a low point with a number of councils initiating legal action against the government. And, as usual, there was a fixed completion date and no compromise on quality. 

The work: At the start of the engagement, Hamel applied its program and stakeholder engagement approach to bring together all parties and set up the environment for a successful delivery. This framework covered multiple government agencies, all 153 councils, multiple IT suppliers, and numerous external stakeholders. Working with each of these groups, Hamel established the work needed across all groups to deliver the outcomes, along with the stakeholder engagement framework needed to coordinate all work, and in particular implement changes when required. Hamel then ran the program throughout the implementation, including the development of reports and briefings that provided easily actionable items for the executive team.

The result: This program delivered every change required across every agency and council. Every milestone was achieved when required. Last-minute changes required to meet political needs were incorporated and delivered, often to the surprise of all involved. Positive engagements and attitudes were established across all stakeholder groups.

Comment: “This was the best program I have ever seen.” Deputy Secretary. “This program has significantly improved the standing of the department across the government.” Departmental Minister.

Complex multi-stakeholder program in half time

Summary: How Hamel helped Sydney Airport to deliver it’s Master Plan in half the usual time.

The engagement: As Australia’s International Gateway, Sydney Airport is the country’s busiest airport. To cope with increased demand, the Airport had developed a radical and innovative development concept which required a two-year negotiation and approval process involving many stakeholder groups and regulatory bodies. Hamel was engaged to manage the process from concept to reality. To add to the complexity, the government of the day significantly reduced the available window for planning.

The work: Using its proven methodology, Hamel established the framework to bring together all teams, including engagement with external stakeholders, to define and develop an accelerated plan. Hamel then oversaw the execution of the plan to deliver the work within half the normal time. 

The result: A process that would normally take two years for a business-as-usual growth was completed in 12 months for a far more complicated and innovative proposition. 

Comment: “Hamel Group helped Sydney Airport wrap structure and process around a multi-stakeholder project that we targeted completing in half the time it had taken previously. Hamel kept us focused on the end game as well as daily and weekly deliverables to get there. We could not have done it without them.” Executive Director.


  • Stakeholder management
  • Program management
  • Transformation

Brand consolidation


  • IT project recovery
  • Stakeholder management
  • Operational management

Summary: Successful integration of customers from one iconic brand to another in the Australian market.

The engagement: After many years of successfully running a dual-brand strategy, this Australian company decided to merge the two separately run organisations and migrate customers into a single brand. This required the coordination of multiple groups, IT development, and messaging to both customers and wider stakeholder groups. To meet external obligations there were tight timelines. Failure of any one part risked the large-scale migration of customers to other organisations in this highly competitive market.

The work: Working with teams from both brands, Hamel established the framework that defined all work and ensured all activities were fully integrated. This included the IT development and delivery structure integrated into operations, customer service and marketing. As this program would run over a two-year period, the processes for reporting and risk management were established.

The result: The brands were brought together on dates required. The successful customer transition rate exceeded expectations, with all business objectives exceeded.

Comment: “I can honestly say this was the smoothest program implementation I have been involved with.”

Product Delivery and Transformation

Summary: Delivery of new and innovative products to transform product delivery program.

The engagement: Engaged by the CEO to help deliver highly innovative, market-changing products. The engagement followed a number of delayed products and disappointing results from those that had been launched.

The work: Establishment of a cross-business approach to product delivery with many of the elements of an Agile approach. This included the processes to align all stakeholders on the expectations and outcomes to deliver these new services with limited ability to do market testing.

The result: All new products and services were launched to the day across a national point-of-sale network. All required service and business targets were exceeded. The approach established a new way of working for all future services.

Comment: “We were surprised by how successful the demand and results have been” Marketing exec.


  • Agile delivery
  • Transformation
  • Program management

Billing system upgrades and new pricing propositions


  • Innovation and change
  • Agile development
  • Transformation

Summary: Rapid development, introduction and seamless migration of new services and billing solutions covering millions of Australian customers. 

The engagement: This Australian organisation initiated a program to introduce a new billing system to meet future market requirements. Hamel was initially engaged for our experience in billing system changes and associated transformations. Due to market pressures, this organisation did not have time to deploy a major system: Hamel had to pivot as the engagement changed to meet the market demands using innovative solutions with existing systems.

The work: Working with the business teams, Hamel established a cross-functional framework to find and deploy innovative solutions to the market using existing IT systems and operational processes. This included the integration of a scaled Agile framework over a nine-month period, and the associated change management across all internal teams, and the engagement of external partners.

The result: The work completed with the seamless migration of millions of customers to innovative services without a single issue reported. All business objectives were exceeded.

Comment: “This program has established a benchmark for all future programs.” Exec team.

IT Outsourcing and Transformation

Summary: $1Bn outsourcing and transformation program. Delivered in record time.

The engagement: Engaged by the CEO of this major Australian company to manage the delivery of an innovative outsourcing deal and business transformation. Timeframes were extremely aggressive, with low confidence of success both internally and externally.

The work: Hamel set-up the delivery program across all internal groups and all external stakeholders, from delivery teams to executives and board members required for approvals. A delivery approach was established to coordinate all work and control change through to successful execution.

The result: All dates and outcomes were met to a much higher than expected standard. The approach transformed the way all future programs were run.

Comment: “We achieved it all on time, on budget and with great results for the business, its performance and the people affected.” CEO.


  • Program management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Transformation

IT: Billing and Customer Care Transformation


  • IT System Program $220m
  • Project Recovery
  • Operational delivery

Summary: Recovery of a significantly delayed billing and customer care system replacement.

The engagement: Engaged to fix the delivery of a significant IT program following delays and a sub-standard interim software deployment. The subsequent deployments were time-critical with no scope for failures.

The work: Established a delivery framework involving all stakeholder groups and the system integrator to define and manage a transformation to the program. Work included the quality controls for the technical deployment as well as coordination of all changes across the business and development of business continuity plans.

The result: The solution was deployed on time with the deployment process running like clock-work. All functionality worked as required with no adverse issues. 

Comment: “This delivery and deployment could have not been better. A total change from the last experience.” CEO.

Contact Centre Transformation

Summary: Consolidation, outsourcing, insourcing and transformation of multiple contact centres.

The engagement: This Australian consumer product organisation had multiple contact centres, with some functions performed in-house and some externally. Hamel was engaged to manage a process to rationalise processes, and then implement a combination of outsourcing and insourcing all withing a seven month period.

The work: Hamel established the delivery framework covering all internal and external stakeholders, and developed a plan to meet all service outcomes within a very tight time. This plan was viewed with great scepticism by the CEO and CFO, with doubt that it could meet all objectives. Once the plan was approved, Hamel ran the delivery project across all internal and external stakeholders, including a number based overseas. This completed with the successful delivery of services in a transformed contact centre environment.

The result: The program achieved all dates, service levels and business returns within budget. The outcomes exceeded the expectations of all people and stakeholders.

Comment: “Once Hamel was engaged I could sleep at night. I had confidence I would be able to deliver this program” GM Contact Centres.


  • Program management
  • Operations management 
  • Transformation

Mobile Telecoms Network Build, Outsourcing


  • Customer relationship
  • Project Recovery
  • Transformation

Summary: Recovery of $850m outsourced network build. Transforming delivery capability and customer relationship.

The engagement: Hamel was engaged by this major supplier to recover a delayed network delivery program and to fix relationships. At the time of the engagement, deliverables were slipping week-to-week with a high level of dispute between supplier and customer.

The work: Hamel established delivery framework that provided data on the status of the program. Working closely with the customer, clear accountabilities were agreed, along with communication lines and relationships. Changes and improvements were made with all partners across the supply chain.

The result: Relationships between the customer and supplier were transformed, with all network delivery achieved at the predicted time. Significant additional business was awarded in Australia, with the delivery model applied to other overseas markets.

Comment: “Once Hamel was engaged, it was like chalk-and-cheese. Every single date was achieved” CTO.

Delivery and transformation for market Challenger


  • Agile Project Management
  • Delivery Transformation
  • Flexible Response to Market

Summary: Helping an innovative challenger deliver high-profile programs to its customers and at the same time transform its business.

The Engagement: As a highly successful IT service start-up with a unique service proposition, the Fyrtarn team faced the dual challenges of managing rapid growth while maintaining their world-class customer service. Fyrtarn had been engaged to deliver high profile projects for their blue chip customers and the team had to ensure delivery of these as their business scaled significantly. Fyrtarn needed a firm they could trust to help deliver these projects and in the process to strengthen and optimise their business processes.

The Work: Hamel provided one of their experienced consultants who quickly won the confidence of the Fyrtarn team and their customers. Using an Agile approach, the Fyrtarn delivered every project on time with a world-class customer service. At the same time, Hamel was able to use the insights and learnings from each project to help Fyrtarn’s ongoing transformation needed to support fast growth at a sustainable cost.

Comment: “Hamel’s people had the right attitude and experience ability to hit the ground running from day one. They helped us deliver extraordinary results for our customers and our business. We will have no hesitation using their people on our future most challenging programs, confident that we will deliver great results both for our customers and our business.” Stephen Duncan, CTO


Multinational Joint Venture, Telecoms

Summary: Set-up and delivery of a joint venture between three international partners to design, build and operate telecoms networks. 

The engagement: Engaged at the start of the concept stage to project manage contract negotiations and in parallel manage the network delivery. At the time of engagement, a trial network build was six months late and 50% over budget.

The work: Established and ran two streams of work for commercial and network build. The commercial work included engagement of all internal and external stakeholders to define and agree the contract. The network build included recovering a delayed project, then setting up and running the project through to completion.

The result: The contract was developed and signed in three months—a record time. The network delivery program was recovered, with all services delivered on time and to budget.

Comment: “This is the only entity among a number of other international entities that has met every objective. “


  • Stakeholder management
  • Project Recovery
  • Transformation